BAMSSA values its membership rights and benefits.

It always encourages Bangladeshi doctors (practicing and non-practicing) to become its member who are currently residing in South Australia.

Membership eligibility:

  1. Medical graduates from Bangladeshi origin/background
  2. Currently living in South Australia

Membership type:

  1. Life member: (Shall be offered to general members who already paid at least AU$1000 at a time. This shall be one off payment. BAMSSA EC can increase the amount based on circumstances in future. Life members will not need to pay annual membership fee.)
  2. General member
  3. Associate member: (Medical School students studying in South Australia whose ethnic origin is Bangladesh can join BAMSSA as an associate member. Practicing & Non-practicing dentist, pharmacist and other allied health professionals of Bangladeshi origin can also join as an associate member)

*Associate members will not have voting power.

Membership fees:

  1. Life member: $1000 (once only for life)
  2. General member:
    Practicing doctors: $100/year
    Non-practicing doctors: $50/year
  3. Associate member: $25/year

(Please note the above fees are per year and to be renewed by June each year. Do not pay the membership fee before your application has been approved.)

How to become a member?

  • Please make sure that you are eligible to apply for membership
  • Click on the “New Membership” below, fill up the form online and submit. You will receive a confirmation email for that. (A hard copy is also available below. However, be advised that hard copy may take long time to receive and process.)
  • Please allow 4-6 weeks for the outcome of your application.
  • You will be notified by email once your application has been approved.
  • Now you need to pay the membership fee to the following BAMSSA account,

Account Name: BAMSSA;
BSB: 065-165; Account No. 1031 7005

  • Your membership will be confirmed once we receive the payment. You are now eligible for all rights and benefits.
  • Please note, your membership payment should receive at least one month before the AGM date to cast your voting right.

For the membership form, please click… New Membership

For hard copy to download, click … download membership form


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