Bangladesh Medical Society of South Australia (BAMSSA) is a non-profit professional organisation based in Adelaide, South Australia for doctors currently living in Australia.

BAMSSA regularly organises various academic, scientific and cultural activities to bring health professionals and their families together.

Through various social and charitable events, it will play an important role to help the Bangladeshi medical community to integrate with the greater Australian multicultural society.

Main objectives:

1. To act as the main representing body for South Australian Bangladeshi Doctors.

2. To assist Bangladeshi trained IMGs in preparation for registration examinations in Australia.

3. To conduct various scientific activities to keep its members up to date with newer developments in the field of medicine.

4. To assist new doctors & their families migrating/ relocating to South Australia

5. To arrange social & sporting activities for Bangladeshi Doctors & their families

Bangladesh Medical Society of South Australia is currently registered under the Association incorporation Act with the Government of South Australia.